Hurricane Florence is not just forcing humans out of their homes. A Humane Society in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has relocated several dozen cats and kittens to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society ahead of the storm’s arrival.

It’s a big undertaking, but the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society has been preparing all week. They were ready when 29 cats and kittens arrived early Wednesday morning. Gail Hughes, the shelter’s chief of staff says they are prepared for moments like this.

“We love the animals, and a disaster is one of those moments,” said Hughes. It’s the thing that we have to do.”

It was a long night for Haroun and Theo, who drove through the night to transport over 70 cats from the Grand Strand Humane Society in Myrtle Beach, a shelter just three miles from the coast.

But Zuber says the 16-hour trip was worth it to help their friends in South Carolina.

“They were very nice people who needed help,” said Zuber. “So we had to go out there and rescue these cats. It was a very successful journey.”

The Humane Society says there could be even more animals coming north, depending on the need for space in South Carolina’s shelters. But here in Menands, they’re ready for just about anything.

The cats will now get a checkup to make sure they’re healthy before potentially being put up for adoption later this week. The humane society says the best way to help the relocated pets is actually to adopt some of the many animals already here in the Capital Region awaiting adoption. Clearing the shelters or making a donation helps provide room and resources for the cats making the trip north. 

The Animal Care Center, located at 3 Oakland Avenue in Menands, is open daily from noon to 6:00 p.m. Available pets can be viewed and donations can be made online at