TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Capital Roots will be delivering 700 pounds of food to Allie B’s Cozy Kitchen in Albany on Monday so the restaurant can make Thanksgiving meals for families in need. Volunteers from Albany’s KIPP Tech Valley School will be helping in the effort.

The food is coming from local farms. Once it’s delivered, the owner of Allie B’s, Kizzy Williams Francisco, and her staff will have a cooking marathon to make sure food is prepared in time for the holiday.

Capital Roots’ Squash Hunger program provides food pantries, shelters, and other community resources/organizations in the area with connections to local produce and products. They say this program is what made the collaboration with Allie B’s possible.

“This full-circle community partnership is an inspiring look at how local institutions can provide their
services to connect and empower each other,” Capital Roots said. “And most importantly make the holiday more memorable for families in the Capital Region.”

Capital Roots worked with Allie B’s Kitchen and Albany’s KIPP Tech Valley School to make Thanksgiving meals for 41 KIPP families last year. “They hired Allie B’s Cozy Kitchen to feed their families,” Williams told NEWS10. “And you know what’s special about KIPP is that KIPP keeps money in the community. So not only is KIPP taking care of Allie B’s Cozy Kitchen, Allie B’s Cozy Kitchen is taking care of KIPP.”