SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Hattie’s in Saratoga has been a staple in the community for over 80 years. After surviving the pandemic, the restaurant is now partnering with a new foundation called Business for Good.

“It’s designed to help those who need help,” explained Ed Mitzen, Co-founder of Business for Good. “So whether or not it’s buying businesses and donating money and profits to charity, or helping aspiring entrepreneurs in under served communities, it’s basically just trying to use our business skills to help other people.”

Helping people like those who work Hattie’s by giving them a 10-20% pay raise and additional benefits.

“Full health insurance for them and their families is a huge, huge plus and really enables us to really take care of everybody like we want to,” said Jasper Alexander, Hattie’s Chef.

After expenses, The restaurant’s profits will go to business for good to be redistributed in the community.

“I think that’s great because there are some businesses that were on the brink of going under because of COVID,” said Armand Vanderstigchel, Owner of Brasserie Benelux.

While Vanderstigchel likes the idea of Business for Good, his restaurant that opened in April of this year is not part of the new foundation. Like many restaurants owners, he is looking to hire more employees and is aiming to make a good profit during track season to get through the slower winter months.

“The experienced people already have jobs,” stated Vanderstigchel. “You put an ad out on any social media you’ll get responses, but when you set up an interview, they don’t show up.”