ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With many confined to their homes during the coronavirus pandemic, Hansen’s nursery has come up with Homefront Gardens to keep you busy and fed during quarantine.

“The idea of a homefront garden is to get your family to work together on a garden in front of your house,” said Sam Miller, who works at Hansen’s Farm and Nursery.

Inspired by victory gardens that were planted during both World Wars, these Homefront Gardens come in kits.

“You have the option of either us building it for you, or you can just buy it and build it yourself,” explained Miller. “It comes with tomatoes, it comes with squash, it comes with a bunch of vegetables that you guys can eat with your family.”

Miller said the gardens also come with a manual that explains how to properly take care of your plants, as well as marigolds that are used as a deterrent to keep small animals away from your garden so that it can thrive.

The Homefront Gardens are available in two sizes.