ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — As Giving Tuesday is a global generosity initiative to make a difference, the Boys and Girls Club of the Greater Capital Area is looking for assistance in their Whatever It Takes Program.

The goal is to raise upwards of $25,000 to support their children, families, and programs they run all year. With the lack of events due to the coronavirus pandemic, they’re estimating a loss of about $100,000.

But even in a tough spot, the non-profit has served over 340,000 meals and provided virtual instruction for over 400 pre-K students. The initiative is a reminder that help isn’t needed just today but all year round.

“In our field, we have to fight for our kids and do whatever it takes each and every day,” Jimmy Bulmer, Director of Development and Individual Care, said. “Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to spread awareness about who we are and what we do and remind people that, as community members, our job is to make sure that we can support those who can’t support themselves or may need some assistance.”

Bulmer said their several partners help tremendously throughout the year and for Giving Tuesday and can’t thank the Capital Region enough for their continued generosity.