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Bill introduced for people with autism to have access to medical marijuana for treatment

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) - Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara introduced legislation to add autism spectrum disorder to the list of conditions for which medical marijuana can be prescribed for treatment.

The latest report from the Center for Disease Control shows that 1-in-59 children in the United States are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder - up from 1-in-68 back in 2012.

Assemblyman Santabarbara said recent research has shown that the Cannabis plant extract, CBD oil, can be effective therapy for children with certain cases of autism as far as improving behavior, anxiety levels and their ability to communicate.

"What we are talking about is the CDC part of the plant extract that has been shown to treat a number of symptoms that are also common with those that have autism - anxiety, behavioral conditions, communication difficulties" said Assemblyman Santabarbara.

He said 14 other states have already implemented this and he's hoping to get the bill passed in both the assembly and the senate by the end of this year.

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