The town of Colonie came together on the one year anniversary of Niko Dinovo death to dedicate a park bench at the park he loved. Dinovo died due to injuries he suffered following a 2016 crash. 

“I hope more years to come this is the same turnout and the same people that are here,” said Niko’s brother Michael Dinovo.

The family announced the launch of “Niko’s Gifts” at the event. It’s a partnership with Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley.

“People will pick out six things because that was Niko’s favorite number of necessities that they need just to get through the night,” said Niko’s mother Alicia Dinovo.

The bench was the idea of Tammy Signer-Holmes, who didn’t know the family, but was moved by Niko’s story. Signer-Holmes went to the town, getting it not only donate the bench, but at the memorial it was announced the town will also raise money to add a sculpture to go behind the memorial.