(NEWS10) — As the COVID-19 vaccine makes its way to New York, the Better Business Bureau is warning Americans about fake vaccine scams. Selling fake vaccines and other treatments is likely only one of many ways scammers will try to cash in on the vaccine release. 

Communications Director for the Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York Melanie McGovern says scammers will try to get you to ‘act now’ so they can cash in on the vaccine release.

“We know the government is managing the process of dispersing the vaccines so if you get an email it is absolutely positively a scam do not open, do not click it, and do not give them any of your information,” said McGovern. 

She also says social media platforms are scammers’ favorite place to approach their victims.

What should you do if come across a scam? Here’s what BBB recommends:

Ultimately, the BBB says the best thing you can do is report it.