Pittsfield Police say they arrested a babysitter in connection to a video that shows her slapping a 19-month-old baby multiple times. 

Kaylena Sayers is charged with assault and battery on a child under 14, without injury. 

Police say she was currently on probation and that she violated her terms.

The incident was caught on Tony Paulyk’s home surveillance camera. 

“It’s terrifying to me to know that someone could do that to someone’s child, and my child,” Tony Paulyk said. 

He’s living a parent’s worst nightmare, after he witnessed what appears to show Sayers abusing his children. 

He made the discovery Tuesday afternoon, when he had trouble getting in contact with her.

“Something just didn’t feel right. If you have someone’s kids you should really, no matter what, get in touch with them or pick up a phone or anything,” Paulyk said.

Concerned, he decided to check in by looking at the live feed of his surveillance camera on his phone.

He saw his 19-month-old in a high chair with Sayers eating next to him. 

She struggled to feed him, and yelled, “put it in your mouth,” which led him to fuss.

At that point, Paulyk watched Sayers slap his son on the cheek, causing him to scream. 

“I flinched because I was like, I could swear she just hit him, I said to my wife,” Paulyk said.

Less than a minute later, he saw her slap him again three times, and then appear to threaten him by holding up her hand.

Paulyk immediately called 911.

Police quickly responded and arrested Sayers.

While Paulyk was relieved, he felt heartbroken for his children.

“Seeing how he was sitting there so defenseless and it was honestly I felt like he was being bullied and he had no clue why,” Paulyk said.

He was also angry, having noticed his son gagging on food throughout the whole ordeal.

“Anything could have happened to him at that point,” Paulyk said.

What hurt the most for Paulyk is he considered Sayers as a friend.

She worked with his wife and babysat his kids a number of times.

“To know that you can’t even trust a so-called friend, where do you go from there?  You know, how do you recovered from that?” Paulyk said.

So far it hasn’t been easy, but it would help him to know that this couldn’t happen again.

“I don’t think that she should be around anyone else’s children. I’m just hoping that she gets what she deserves from this and there’s some kind of justification,” Paulyk said.

Paulyk said if it weren’t for his camera he wouldn’t have known what happened, and he’s encouraging other families to get them.

At this time, Sayers remains at the Western Massachusetts Regional Women’s Correctional Center without bail.