SCHENECTADY COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Michael Steven Hawkins, the man law enforcement officials have been searching for after nearly ten years, may have been found. Hawkins is said to be a suspect in multiple rapes that date back to as early as 2012.

Hawkins, also known as “Zombie Mike”, reportedly due to his poor hygiene, is accused of sexually assaulting a Schenectady woman confined to a wheelchair back in 2012 and raping a Rotterdam woman in 2013.

Hawkins is wanted by Rotterdam and Schenectady police as well as the U.S. Marshalls who have been on the hunt for him since 2013 when he seemingly disappeared without a trace. No one is said to have seen or heard from him since.

However, a new development has taken place after police say human remains were found on a dead-end street off Consaul Road in Niskayuna back in March. Officials say samples of the remains have been sent to the state crime lab for testing in an attempt to identify the person.

Schenectady police say they believe the remains might be Hawkins, but are awaiting the official I.D. results. The department had reportedly been tracking Hawkins from a DNA match they recovered from the 2012 rape of a developmentally disabled woman.

Rotterdam police say they have been tracking Hawkins from a 2013 case when he was charged with raping a woman who was asleep in her bed.

Niskayuna police say they are unable to comment or confirm any details related to the case at this time.

In 2019, Hawkins’ case was featured on John Walsh’s show “In Pursuit.”

This is an ongoing investigation and NEWS10 will bring you more information as it becomes available.