GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Folks across Fulton County are stocking up ahead of Thursday evening’s impending storm. Emergency Management Director Steven Santa Maria strongly suggests you hunker down at home.

“Try to stay off the roads if you don’t need to be traveling. We don’t want to have to come out to rescue you if you get in an accident,” Santa Maria says to NEWS10’s Mikhaela Singleton. “Maybe get some Christmas cooking done, spend time with your families. Just stay safe and stay home.”

Local hardware stores say they’ve got you covered having refilled shelves since the last snow event. Dan Pavic is an assistant manager at Runnings. He says the most popular items hands down are snow melt and accessories.

When pointing out the different varieties, he explains it’s important to buy the right melt for the temperature and for your pets.

“[This one’s] got like a dye to it, this blue dye. What it does is it’s like a liquid that you would spray on the ice to help melt it quicker. That’s in the bag with this, with the rocksalt, so it helps it go down to a lower temperature and melts faster,” he says pointing to a bag labeled “fire crystals”.

“The rock salt is like a rock right, so it can bruise up your pet’s paw pads and it is very long lasting, so it can dry them out. With pet-safe melt, you’re getting into magnesium and sodium chloride, which as a particulate won’t have that problem,” Pavic goes on to explain.

Down the tool isles at Gloversville True Value, owner Matt Capano explains there are options when picking a shovel. 

“[It’s] more ergonomically correct,” Capano explains while handling a shovel with a curved handle. “So you don’t have to bend over as much because the handle comes up. So when you’re holding it, you’re not bending over as much as with the straight arm so this one is actually better for your back.”

“Just the physical exertion from people cleaning up. Probably our EMS agencies are going to be busy with strains and sprains and hopefully no cardiac events or anything like that,” Santa Maria says while cautioning against some of the most common calls that come in during snow events.

Meanwhile, Pavic also suggests you consider a shovel or snow melt for your home’s roof, not just your driveways and sidewalks. The forecast predicts the snow will be wet, heavy and will fall all the way until Saturday morning—putting a lot of strain on your roof.

“Water will always find its way. So if you have any bad shingles, it will always find it,” Pavic says. “There could be water damage and sometimes just the sheer weight of the snow weighing it down can cause damage as well.”

Finally, Capano says one of the biggest mistakes he sees is misused generators.

“It runs on gasoline and emits carbon monoxide, so people will try to put them in the house and that’s a big no no,” he cautions. “Even if you want to plug in a space heater or appliance or something like that, leave the generator outside and run an extension cord into the home.”