As Albany Police investigate their fourth homicide of the year, Capital Region Crime Stoppers is rolling out their summer campaign.

This is a way for them to get the word out, they’re hoping people will know there a way to call and leave a totally anonymous tip.

The cash rewards are already being handed out for some of those tips

On this busy street corner off Second and Judd with families walking by and police patrol car driving by sits a vehicle of another kind.

“Just something different in the neighborhood.”

It’s a billboard on wheels of sorts for the Capital Region Crime Stoppers.

“This is the first summer we’ve been able to get out to let them know the program exists.”

The program already received nearly 300 tips since its launch in December.

After Tuesday night’s fatal homicide in the Arbor Hill neighborhood, Crime Stoppers is hoping someone will call in anonymously with crucial information on who killed a 20-year-old.

David Lester, who lived here for years, says his neighborhood needs more than just Crime Stoppers to clean up the streets.

“It’s a waste of time and waste of money. If you want to make changes, set up community centers.”

“We’ve paid people $500. Even when you pick up your cash, we never know who you are.”

Steve Smith says the program has already paid out more than $1,000 in cash for tips leading to arrests.

With no driver inside and the van just left for the day, Crime Stoppers hopes this will be a vehicle for neighbors to write in a tip they wouldn’t otherwise submit.