Police say it happened around 8 p.m. outside a grocery store near the area of Second and Judson streets in the city. They believe the victim, a 28-year-old Dalon Blunt, of Albany, knew his attacker.

Blunt was shot multiple times in the torso before he was taken to Albany Medical Center where later died. 

A teenager was also shot in the leg during the incident. Police do not believe he was involved. 

Of the 15 homicides in the city this year, 11 have involved gun violence, but Chief Eric Hawkins says that despite these numbers, he believes there are brighter days ahead for the city. He says he hopes the community will continue to communicate with police and teach the next generation healthy ways to resolve conflicts. 

“There won’t be a quick fix for this,” Hawkins tells NEWS10 ABC. “But if we continue working with the younger generation and letting that generation know that this sort of behavior is unacceptable and that there are other ways to resolve conflicts, we can start to see some change.”