The heat wave continues on Tuesday.

With the fourth day in a row of temperatures above 90 degrees, it’s important to stay safe and hydrated.

In this dangerous heat, it’s important to check on your neighbors especially if they’re alone. And that’s exactly what the Albany County Sheriff’s Department is doing.

Members of Albany County’s Community Intervention team making the rounds to check on some of the area’s most vulnerable people.

“They’ll do special needs checks on people that we know have no family or no neighbors to check on them regularly,” Bryan Wood, the commander of the Critical Incident Management Unit, said.

Wood says the team goes out for these checks in any type of unusual situation.

“Extremes like the really hot and the really cold. The March snowstorms were one after another.”

Checking on people like Phyllis Talbot.

“It just makes me feel more secure.”

She’s been on the special needs registry for years after her husband Thomas passed away. It was more important than ever for her.

“Just to know if something happened. If I passed out that someone would be checking on me.”

Wood says that’s exactly why they do what they do and says they’ve had no dangerous incidents so far during this heat wave.

“I think that that’s a testament that was checking on them. We check early and make sure they have water and make sure that they’re in a cool spot and that they’re going to be okay,” Wood said.

For some people like Talbot, it could be the only conversations they have all day.

“Many days I’m not in contact with anybody. So it can get very lonely.”

She says she’s thankful to be checked on and appreciates them coming by.

“The guys like doing this because they get such a nice reception from the people when you go,” Wood said.

If you or someone you know would like to be on the list, you can register here.