ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The increase in recent gun violence has been having a wider impact. The work of one local outreach organization is now being hindered because of it.

Maggie Dennis, Head Supervisor of the Albany JC Club pulls her cart up and down First and Quail Street serving kids lunch. After last Friday’s deadly shooting, and a stray bullet going through her office, she is afraid to do so.

“I feel really unsafe because you know there is so much activity on this corner. I just never know what could happen especially what happened on Friday,” said Dennis.

Pastor Charlie Muller from Victory Church in Albany had community members, local leaders, and Albany Police come out on Wednesday night to his churches JC Club to find a solution to the senseless gun violence.

“A lot more has to be done, you know we need the mayor and the police chief on board. It’s not just up to one person, we need to come together,” said Dennis.

“Our youth has been dealing with trauma; we need the community behind it so we can try to figure out the problems that we have,” said Luis Williams, owner of Celebrities of Barber Shop in Albany. 

Williams says one solution is educating the youth.

“We have to get the kids off the street, we have to have more programs, and we need more community involvement,” said he. 

“We need our mothers to talk to their children who are out on the streets committing these crimes. We would stand a better chance,” said Keith Linnen.

Linnen believes there should be more gun buyback programs to get weapons off the street.

“We should do a couple gun buyback programs over the summer. I think those are great. I think it will help not stop the violence, but we are hoping it will slow down a little bit,” said he. 

As the Albany community remains on edge, they say coming together is a step in the right direction.