ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Saturday night’s shooting on First Street and Quail Street took the life of an 18-year old. This brings the city’s total number of gunshot victims this year to 91. Local leaders say enough is enough.

Albany Police say this victim is the eleventh person to be killed in Albany.

Saturday’s shooting was a drive-by with more than one shooter in the vehicle. Four people were shot. The three survivors, are 22, 28, and 29 years old. They all had non-life threatening injuries. Police say the victim of Saturday’s homicide at First and Quail Streets has been identified as 18-year-old Zy-Quaveone Mayo, of Albany.

This incident happened right near Pastor Charlie Muller’s JC Club on Quail Street.

“I am upset. A teenager just lost his life that could of been prevented if we would of acted last year,” said Muller.

Muller says this is not the first time this type of dangerous behavior has happened.

“I had the Albany police chief right here at the corner of First and Quail last year. I showed him what was going on and how we were in the same situation with the shooting last year. I told him ‘if you respond now, it won’t be here next year,’” he said.

Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins say he hears the outcries and understands something needs to be done.

“We hear them loud and clear. As a city, we have additional resources and assets in all of our hotspot areas,” said Hawkins. 

He says, moving forward, it is important that the community plays a role.

“This can’t just be a law enforcement issue. We have to have other organizations and people working with us,” explained Hawkins.

One resident at the Crieghton Storey Apartments in Albany says her neighborhood is also feeling the heat of gun violence.

“We are afraid. You can’t go out to empty your trash after dark. If someone is visiting you, you have to stand in the door until they drive off or come in. In our parking lot, we don’t know if it’s cops out there or whose out there with lights shining,” she said.

Muller says it’s time to stop the violence and start acting.

Police say the shooting is still under investigation, and anyone with information is asked to call detectives.