Advice for pet owners in cities dealing with illegal fireworks


ALBANY, NY (NEWS10)- If you live in Albany or Troy, you have likely been hearing fireworks blasting away day and night.

There have been hundreds of complaints over illegal fireworks. It’s a nuisance for people, but it’s downright dangerous for scared pets who run off.

“These fireworks are clearly illegal. Sometimes I can step outside and it’s like seeing a fireworks show.”

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan is seeking a three-point approach to the illegal fireworks:

  1. Education: urging residents to consider the negative impact;
  2. Asking people to contact the police with information about those who continue to use illegal fireworks;
  3. And she says she is also working to stop the flow of fireworks into her city.

“I have asked the county legislature to ban sparkling devices in Albany County,” said Sheehan.

If the sudden boom and blasts are a nuisance for residents, think of how they affect pets who are at risk of running off if they’re scared. Mohawk Hudson Humane Society CEO Ashley Jeffrey Bouck offered a few helpful tips.

“If you have a dog for example, setting up a kennel. Maybe putting a blanket around it, their favorite toys. Somewhere where they feel safe.”

She says that pet owners can also offer a favorite snack in a small comfy blanket. Snug coats for dogs called “Thunder Shirts” can also help relieve stress.

And it’s good to offer exercise and enrichment for your pet.

“Tire them out; maybe they can sleep through it,” says Jeffrey Bouck.

Lastly, make sure your dog or cat has identification like a tag or microchip.

“If they do come to us, we can identify them and get them back to their homes.”


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