We’ve all seen the images. Cities clouded in a Sepia filter, like something out of a Hollywood movie. We’ve been advised to stay inside, away from the unhealthy air. So what can we do to keep the air quality in our homes or businesses safe?


Many Capital Region residents are looking to advanced air filtration systems to keep their home air clean.

“Once you experience better indoor air quality people are just amazed at how much better and healthier their feeling for all ages honestly” said Alan Ayers of Crisafulli Bros. Home Services.

Ayers demonstrated how advanced H-VAC filters systems block incoming smoke particles from entering indoors. He also cautioned that cautioned that box fans may not be the best tool to fight the smoke “Just introducing more outside air into your home is, it might cool it off but it’s going to affect you”.

Ayers also says window unit air conditioners will not block the dangerous particles the wildfires are producing. He recommends turning your units off, as long as the temperature inside your home is comfortable.