Actress Allison Mack was set to have a bail hearing in Brooklyn Federal Court on Monday regarding her involvement with NXIVM and Keith Raniere.

People in the Knox woods area say they’re very familiar with Raniere saying they even saw him walking the streets with several women including Smallville Actress Mack.

Neighbors tell me this is the condo in Halfmoon where Allison Mack lives.

On Monday, two men were filling a U-Haul full of her belongings then quickly speeding away.

Mack is considered cult leader Raniere’s co-conspirator and was indicted on federal sex trafficking charges on Friday.

In a video, Mack interviewed Raniere about a branch of NXIVM called “The Source.”

“Several years ago when we first met I said to you would you be willing to work with me on becoming a better actress?”

Raniere explains his techniques throughout the video as Mack listens intently to his teachings.

“Talking to different people about it like different actors and things like that. Enrolling them in the idea of coming and participating in what you’ve created. Because it’s been incredible for me.”

Raniere, who calls himself “the Vanguard”, is facing charges including sex trafficking for allegedly branding women with his initials and grooming them to join his sex cult.

Court documents allege Mack was a “master” within the secret society saying she pledged a “full and complete life” to Raniere and his cause.

It appears Mack’s loyalty could be waivering.

New court files show she’s involved in plea negotiations putting a hold on a potential trial for now.

Neighbors say regardless of what happens in court they hope to never see Raniere or Mack ever again.