ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Today’s 98.3 TRY Social Dilemma came from Deborah and it’s about going out to eat with friends. Here’s her email:

Hi Jaime. Last week I went out to dinner with several friends from work, four friends to be exact, so there were five of us. We went to an inexpensive place and the bill came to about $160. We tacked on about $35 for the tip, so the total came to $195. Well as we were figuring out the cost, which we agreed to divide evenly, one of my friends pulled out a $25 off coupon. We say great. We could add it to the cost and that will cut down what each of us owes. And she then said, oh no, I want this $25 to only come out of what I owe. So, after figuring it all out, we each owed $39 which we rounded up to $40. But my friend only paid $15 along with her coupon. A couple of people were ticked off that she didn’t just add it to the bill for all of us. It would have cut our cost by $5 each. I admit I was a little upset by it too. If you were in that situation, wouldn’t you have shared the coupon with the group, or would you have kept it for yourself. I know I would share it. Thanks, Jaime, for the help!

~ Deborah

Well, I admit I’m with Deborah. The woman with the coupon had the right to do with it as she wanted since it was hers, but I definitely would have just tacked it onto the bill so everyone could feel the savings. I do that with gift certificates too if I have them. But that’s just me. No judgment here.

What do you think? Should she have shared it, or kept it for herself? Let’s help Deborah out and let me know what you think on the TRY Facebook page.