ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Today’s 98.3 TRY Social Dilemma came from Kristin, and it’s about handicapped equipped doors. Here’s her email:

Hi Jaime. This may sound ridiculous but I think it will make a good dilemma. I was talking to my coworker, Frank today, and he was really ticked off because someone (who he knows can open the door manually) used the handicap button to open the door to our building. He thinks the handicap button should only be used by those who need it. He said it really bugs him when people use the handicap button when they can open the door themselves. It wasn’t put there for people to be lazy. Just open the door! If everyone uses it, it’s more likely to break! I had never thought about it before, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. What do you think? Help us out.

~ Kristin

Well, I admit, that during Covid, I often would press the handicapped button with my elbow so I didn’t have to touch the door. Now I don’t do that anymore, as I have a little door opening helper that is on my keychain. Maybe Frank has a point that it could be more likely to break if everyone uses it. But I never thought of it that way. What do you think? Let’s help Kristin and Frank out and let me know on the TRY Facebook page.