ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Today’s 98.3 TRY Social Dilemma is another one having to do with mowing the lawn, but it’s also about a party.

Hey Jaime. I know it’s grad season and parties are happening all the time. One of those just so happened to be on Saturday afternoon in a neighbor’s yard that we back up to. I went out and cut the grass while my wife and son went out to run some errands. As soon as she got home and saw the grass was cut she said I was being nasty and uncaring for doing it during their party for their kid that graduated High School on Friday. Seriously? When was I supposed to do it? By the time my wife got back, it was time for my son to lay down for a nap and we had plans all day Sunday. She was mortified that I chose to do it then. I said that I didn’t notice any dirty looks coming my way, but she is so mad at me. Sidebar, since it came up for us when we talked with other friends about this, we just moved into our house so we don’t know these neighbors very well and wouldn’t expect an invite. So, was I “nasty and uncaring” for cutting my grass during the grad party? Help put an end to this argument. Thanks, Jaime, love the show!

~ Eric

Well, I do think it was kind of insensitive mowing it at that time. No one wants to hear a lawn mower when you’re trying to have a get-together in the backyard, especially a graduation party. But that’s just my take, I’m with Eric’s wife on this.

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