ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Today’s 98.3 TRY Social Dilemma comes from Jeff. His mom is throwing a birthday party for her dog, with a DJ and all, and she’s expecting gifts. He doesn’t want to bring his family for a number of reasons. He writes:

Hi Jaime. I’m in a crazy situation. My mom has a dog, but you’d think she’d given birth to another child. Three years ago, she brought home a pure-bred border collie. The dog is great, and it’s really good for her since she’s alone a lot of the time, but the cries for attention are getting ridiculous. Next weekend, she’s having a third birthday party for “Sasha.” For most normal people, this would mean getting some Frosty Paw frozen treats and calling it a day. Not for mom. She’s inviting everyone she knows and wants it to be a giant celebration…even hiring a DJ…just like she did the two previous years. It’s not like we don’t spend time with mom once a week, so it’s not a “you never come over” issue, but these doggie birthday parties where presents are “expected” are just ridiculous. I’ve told her I’m not interested in bringing my family over this time around…and then the guilt came over like a waterfall. Is there any way to win in this one? I really have better things to do, and I don’t want to do this every year. Help me out.


Jeff isn’t going to like this, but I say go to the party and bring the dog a present…dog food, a squeaky toy, anything. It’s clearly important to Jeff’s mom and it’s an nice way to get the whole family together. That’s my take anyway. If it makes her happy, then go for it. What do you think? Let’s help Jeff out and let me know on the TRY Facebook page.