ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Today’s 98.3 TRY Social Dilemma came from Gary, and it’s about lying about your age. Here’s his email:

Hi Jaime. I have a question for your dilemma. Why do people lie about their age? When my mother passed away a few years ago, we had no idea how old she really was because she would never tell anyone her age when her birthday rolled around. According to my dad, she was 39 for about 50 years. Obviously when she passed, we finally found out her real age, but I never understood why she would lie about it. I feel like this made me think a little less of my mom. Like if she was dishonest about this, was she dishonest about other things. My wife feels very comfortable telling her age, as do I. But I do have some friends who won’t say what their age is. I thought we were past all that kind of silliness, but apparently not. So I’m just curious, do more people lie about their age than not? And doesn’t that make them dishonest?   I can’t wait to hear. Thanks Jaime


This is interesting. I don’t broadcast my age generally, but my family and close friends all know my it. And I wouldn’t lie about it if someone asked. I will say, I have had some people judge me differently when they’ve heard my age, so I guess in that regard I understand it, but I would never hide it from my family or friends. That being said, I don’t think lying about your age necessarily makes you dishonest about other things.  What about you? Have you ever lied about how old you were to someone and then when you got to know them better, never told them the truth? Do you think it makes you dishonest?   Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.