ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Today’s 98.3 TRY Social Dilemma came from Paula and it’s about dishwashers. Here’s her email:

Hi Jaime. This happened to us recently and we want you to use it for the dilemma. My husband and I recently made some new friends through work. They invited us over to their house for dinner, which was lovely. At the end of dinner, I got up to help with cleanup and started loading up the dishwasher. I thought I was doing a good thing, until the wife looked at me and said, we don’t ever load the dishwasher without washing the dishes first. I apologized and took them out and started rinsing the dishes. She was kind and said I didn’t have to, so I stopped. She then started washing the dishes I rinsed off and then put them in the dishwasher. Am I missing something? Isn’t the dishwasher for washing the dishes? Wouldn’t rinsing be good enough if you’re going to do anything? Have you ever heard of this? Help me out. Thanks so much!

~ Paula

Well, I do rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher but wash them?!?! No. If I was going to do that, I wouldn’t use the dishwasher at all.

What about you? Do you wash dishes before putting them in the dishwasher? Let’s help Paula out and let me know on the TRY Facebook page.