ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Today’s 98.3 TRY Social Dilemma came from Douglas and it’s about perfume and cologne. Here’s his email:

Hi Jaime. I have a problem. My wife and her sister are very close. We live within a few blocks of one another, and they are together at least four or five times a week for coffee or just to spend some time either at lunch or after dinner. That’s fine with me. Personality wise, I love my sister-in-law. However, there is a big problem. She wears way too much perfume. It is overwhelming. When I come home I can smell whether she’s been at the house or not. It lingers long after she’s gone. And the smell is not one of my favorites. I want to say something to her, but my wife says it will hurt her feelings. So I asked my wife to say something, and she said she doesn’t feel comfortable. I think I can’t be the only one who feels this way, and it should come from someone who cares about her. Is there a nice way to tell someone they are wearing too much perfume….or too much cologne if it’s a man? Or do I have to keep my mouth and nose shut and bear it? Hope you can help me out. Thanks so much.


I think you have to say something. A lot of people are allergic to perfumes and colognes, plus no one likes the odor of too much of even a good smell. So I think it would be okay to say something like Hey I like your perfume, but it’s a little heavy. Less is more. Something like that. But I would hate to hurt someone’s feelings so I don’t know if I would have the nerve to do it. Hope you can help Douglas out, and let me know on the TRY Facebook page.