ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The second half of the week is on the horizon! So too are sunny skies and warming temperatures, according to Meteorologist Jill Szwed’s latest Storm Tracker forecast. Right on cue, the rain is wrapping up ahead of the morning commute.

Today’s five things to know include the suspension of test-out options for unvaccinated employees statewide, the closing of Albany City Court after cockroaches were released in the building, and the indictment of a Cohoes man for May’s Quail Street murder.

1. Test-out option suspended for unvaccinated NYS Employees

As of Tuesday, the test-out option for unvaccinated state employees has been suspended. Given the wide availability of tests, employees are being encouraged to continue testing at home for COVID-19 or at testing locations.

2. Albany City Court closed after cockroaches released inside

Albany City Court closed for the day on Tuesday after hundreds of cockroaches were released inside during an arraignment. One person was arrested as a result of the incident.

3. Cohoes man indicted for Quail Street murder

A Cohoes man was indicted Tuesday on murder and robbery charges. Ahlaumion Hall, 25, was accused of shooting and killing Charles Gibson Jr. with a shotgun during a robbery on May 26 at 43 Quail Street.

4. Construction company owner charged with grand larceny in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Police Department said the owner of a construction company has been arrested on a scam complaint. Laurie Murray, 52, of St. Johnsville, is the owner of Mohawk Valley Builders and was arrested on June 6.

5. Hungry spongy moth caterpillars invade NY neighborhoods

The invasive spongy moth is causing headaches for residents in Saratoga Springs who can’t seem to rid their properties of the fuzzy larvae. They’re seen crawling on homes, garages, and falling from trees.