ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Sometimes, it just happens to feel like Tuesday is Monday’s ugly sister. This week could not be a better example, as we all wake up to fog and rain—not the prettiest of mornings. Things are looking up for the afternoon though, with temperatures set to rise into the low 70s and sunshine on the way.

Today’s five things to know include a man killed in Hudson after a dumpster fell on him, a fatal car crash on Route 209 in Mamakating, and mass destruction at a Bennington cemetery. A look inside the Saratoga County Homestead provides a bright spot in this morning’s stories.

1. Man in Hudson dies unloading dumpster

 A man in Hudson was killed while unloading a dumpster. The victim’s name has not yet been released.

2. Police investigate fatal car accident on State Route 209

A fatal car accident is currently under investigation in the town of Mamakating. James Harrington, 70, of Deerpark was pronounced dead as a result of the crash.

3. Over 200 gravestones overturned at Bennington cemetery

One week before Halloween some real-life goblins committed a devilish act upon a well-known, historic cemetery by overturning and damaging hundreds of gravestones, some belonging to veterans.

4. Police nab 5 after Kingsbury firearm robbery

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office has named five suspects who allegedly burglarized Calamity Jane’s Firearms on Friday. Martin Taft, 47, Jonathan Combs, 42, Billie Jo Parker, 47, Sean Parmeter, 55, and Penny Phillies, 47, were arrested and face several charges.

5. PHOTOS: A look inside the Saratoga County Homestead

The Saratoga County Homestead has been abandoned for 43 years. Often thought to be haunted, the Homestead was featured on the Travel Channel’s “Destination Fear” in 2020. Haunted Nights offers tours and paranormal investigations inside the Homestead and other “haunted” buildings. NEWS10’s Sara Rizzo took a tour with Steve Brodt, the owner and operator of Haunted Nights.