ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Happy Thursday! As we crest the hill into the weekend, the recent coastal storm system will be replaced by high pressure, turning up the heat in the Capital Region.

Today’s five things to know include a fire at the abandoned Catskills hotel that inspired “Dirty Dancing,” an Amsterdam woman charged after a fatal bicycle crash, and a parole absconder arrested in Albany.

1. Catskills hotel that inspired ‘Dirty Dancing’ burns

A fire Tuesday evening engulfed a building at the site of the long-abandoned Grossinger’s Hotel, once among the most glamorous resorts in the Catskills. In its heyday, the property drew hundreds of thousands of vacationers a year.

2. Amsterdam woman charged after fatally striking bicyclist

An Amsterdam woman is facing four traffic ticket charges after a car accident that killed a bicyclist. The incident took place on July 21 on Log City Road in the town of Amsterdam.

3. Parole absconder arrested, weapons recovered

The Albany Police Department worked alongside the United States Marshals Service to arrest a parole absconder who was wanted out of Catskill. Antiel Pagan, 22, was arrested Wednesday morning at an apartment on the 300-block of Washington Avenue.

4. Vermonter allegedly tries to sell stolen motorcycle

A Rutland City man with several in-state warrants was accused of trying to sell a stolen motorcycle, police said Thursday. The sale was apparently scheduled for Wednesday night, on Meadow Street in Wallingford.

5. Hudson PD investigating after teen stabbed in chest

Hudson police are searching for the person who stabbed a teenager in the chest in the city Tuesday night.