CHARLTON, NY (NEWS10) — A daughter’s plea for information in her mother’s murder 27 years ago may be working.

The Saratoga County Sheriff said there are new leads and a $10,000 reward is once again on the table in the murder case of Betty Conley.

NEWS10 ABC’s Anya Tucker got an update from Linda Conley, Betty’s daughter.

Linda’s mom was shot and killed July 8, 1993 while working as the overnight clerk at what was back then an Xtra-Mart convenience store in the town of Charlton.

The unknown person who pulled the trigger got away with $100 dollars, and for 27 years, has eluded the police. But the cold case appears to be growing warmer.

That’s after a recent video about the case featuring Linda and her father was posted on the Justice 4 Betty Conley Facebook page. It has been viewed more than 90,000 times.

When Anya first interviewed Linda a few weeks back, Saratoga County Sheriff Mike Zurlo told Anya that the video had resulted in several calls and fresh leads.

“I mean, all I can tell you is that they are solid leads. They are credible leads,” said Linda.

New support is also coming from the parent company of the convenience store where Betty worked and was killed. The company told Linda they will stand by the offer they made 27 years ago of a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Anya asked what Linda would like to say to anyone who knows about her mom’s murder but has chosen to remain silent — or what she wishes to say to the killer who took her mother away from her when she was just 17 years old.

Linda responded, “If you come to the police with information, that’s always better than them coming to you. And you know this isn’t going to go away this time. It’s not going to be dropped. Just come forward and do the right thing.”