AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A 12-year-old has been arrested for allegedly making a school shooting threat towards Wilbur H. Lynch Literacy Academy in the City of Amsterdam. The student was charged with making a terroristic threat, which is a felony.

The school community is shedding light on this issue.

 “The Internet is not written in pencil it’s written in ink,” said Superintendent Richard Ruberti.

On Monday around 6 a.m., the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the school shooting threat by a parent whose child was sent the threat on social media. Since the school was in the City of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Police Department was contacted and they stationed officers at the school.

The threat said there would be a shooting at the school. Police said more messages were sent from the social media user claiming that three people specifically would be targeted.

“Police can look through everything and I don’t think certain kids understand that,”  said Tatiana Quinonez, a student at Lynch Literacy Academy.

In the last two months, Amsterdam Police have made four arrests of juveniles over three different incidents involving threats to the Greater Amsterdam School District.

Ruberti says increased threats must be met with increased education.

“We are working on either forums or an assembly for our students in the secondary level especially just to talk about what this entails, and what it means lifelong.”

“I think the school definitely should continue having some type of class, or offer a course about this. It’s important to talk to these kids, and bring people in,” said Damaris Reyes, a parent of a student at Lynch Middle School.  

Reyes says when it comes to these situations, communication is key.

“I definitely feel the school is doing the best they can to make sure we parents are well aware of what’s going on.”  

Quinonez says one wrong post could determine your whole future.

“You could be 30-years-old and not get a job because of the one thing you posted when you were 12. It’s really messed up how being a kid and posting this stuff can affect your adult life” Tatiana 

After an investigation, police found that the person responsible for the social media profile and the threatening messages was one of the people to be supposedly targeted. Police believe the suspect did this to try and evade suspicion of themselves.

The suspect did confess to being the person who created the profile and the threatening messages, said police. The threat was also deemed not credible.

The juvenile was processed and released having been referred to the Montgomery County Probation Department for an appearance at a later date.