ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Eleven-year-old Sean Harden, from Cohoes, has lost his battle with Sepsis, according to the “Woodward Strong” Facebook page.

Harden was placed into a medically-induced coma last month as he fought the deadly infection.

At the end of September, Sean fell ill. His mother, April, initially thought he was having complications from his sickle cell condition. It turned out to be a deadly infection. Chelsea Woodward said in a post on the “Woodward Strong” Facebook page that Harden passed away early Monday morning.

Woodward says she is asking people to pray for Harden.

“I’m shattered for his family, but not for him,” said Woodward. “He is at peace and no longer in pain.”

Woodward’s husband Josh Woodward, a local firefighter who beat sepsis, visited Harden in the hospital in September.

In her post Monday morning, Chelsea Woodward said that Harden’s mom promised her the two of them were going to team up to raise awareness and “change things.”

Donations can be made to the Spindle City Fund through the Spindle City Vineyard in Cohoes.