SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- Ally Crowley-Duncan is a professional touring musician and recording artist. Best known for her work on the Great Highland Bagpipe, the piper’s interest in the arts started at a young age.

“In school I started picking up a bunch of woodwinds. I kind of just fell in love with different genres of music and interjecting different instruments in where they didn’t quite belong,” described Crowley-Duncan.

In the comment section of her TikTok video, someone certainly didn’t think bagpipes belonged in a Metallica song, and that Co-founder, James Hetfield, wouldn’t approve of the medley. The band themselves responded to the comment in a way not expected by the troll, telling the piper her work is awesome.

“Being just a human being and a person thinking that Metallica saw something that I did and liked it and said I’m awesome is very overwhelming,” said Crowley-Duncan.

Ally the Piper hopes by having her talents recognized, her signature instrument can get a little more love. “Bagpipes are super stereotyped as usually the butt of a joke and less of a musical instrument. For the bagpipes to have that endorsement from Metallica is very good,” explained Crowley-Duncan.

The piper is taking all the positivity she has been receiving and putting it towards some upcoming projects for 2023. “Getting an album out this year for the duo project that I’m apart of and another solo album as well. Which is going to be a little more rock and metal,” stated Crowley-Duncan.

Ally the Piper has the following dates planned for live shows:

  • Freedom Park – Scotia, NY, June 28
  • Cleveland Irish Festival – Cleveland, OH, July 15, 16
  • The Pittsburgh Irish Festival – Pittsburgh, PA, September 8, 9, 10
  • The Erie Irish Festival – Erie, PA, September 15, 16
  • WishFest – Amsterdam, NY, October 7