COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A smart mailbox could be the next big thing in tech as a way to keep your mail and packages out of the wrong hands.

We’ve all seen the videos of packages stolen right off people’s doorsteps. A new invention by a local man would end that problem forever by securing your packages and keeping an eye on it all.

You’ll receive a call when you’re about to get a delivery. You can then answer the call and remotely allow a postal worker to drop off your goods. After they leave the package, it will stay locked away until you punch in your password and open the door.

It’s the brainchild of Dan Judge who’s hoping his invention will make the traditional mailbox obsolete.

“It’s the mailbox of the future, I really believe that,” Dan said.

He might be four years retired, but his “package delivery code box” is as tech savvy as it gets. The swipe of an app controls the lock and a motion sensor camera connects right to your phone.

Judge came up with the idea after seeing countless videos of thieves snatching packages from doorsteps.

“This eliminates the problem.”

After hours of tinkering in his garage, the idea became reality.

His wife Jackie will tell you, he’s always been a dreamer.

“He’s always inventing things, we have a room full of inventions but this has the most promise. I’m very proud he has a patent for it,” Jackie said.

The patent prevents anyone else from creating a mailbox that can be opened with a smartphone. He’s hired a company to market and manufactures it, hoping one day it will change the landscape of his neighborhood and his life.

You can’t buy these just yet, the judges are hoping they’ll be available for purchase in late fall, just in time for Christmas.