SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – 26-year-old Brandon Fellows is accused of allegedly joining rioters who stormed the United States Capitol. Fellows is charged with two federal misdemeanor counts of trespassing.

Pictures of Fellows went viral. Pictures including him sitting on a police motorcycle and smoking marijuana at a US Senator’s desk.

Brandon was one of the hundreds who stormed the Capitol. He climbed the wall and says he helped others climb it. “I wasn’t about to be pushed off this 15- to 20-foot wall, so I just moved up close to the building and hung out there,” he says. That’s where he watched people break the windows before he went inside himself. “I poked my head in and I saw a bunch of police officers just standing there at this window. So, I walked in and asked this police officer, I said, ‘Hey, am I going to get in trouble for being in here?’ He said, ‘No, as long as you don’t go into areas not to go in.’”

fellows mug

Federal agents tell ABC News that investigators continue to monitor social media posts, security camera footage, and cellphone data to determine what exactly occurred.

The Niskayuna man says if there was another rally at the Capitol, he would go. “I would definitely go, because that’s First Amendment,” says Fellows.

Brandon says he never stole from the Capitol. The only regret was smoking marijuana. “My regret of taking what may or may not have been a joint from from a guy from Alaska but I don’t regret that, I got to witness history.”

Brandon is not allowed to travel outside the Northern District of New York unless he is scheduled to appear in court in Washington. He is currently waiting for a court date.