CAPITAL REGION (NEWS10) – Local officials and nonprofits expressed frustrations with DocGo on Tuesday night at a press conference. On Wednesday DocGo responded to some of News10’s questions about the lines of communication and services it’s provided. 

News10 has reached out to DocGo numerous times in the past, including calls out to its CEO, and it was Tuesday night when we received a response. DocGo’s statement said the press conference was the first time it had been made aware of any issues.

The first bus arrived in Colonie, in the middle of the night, over memorial day weekend. Then weeks later more buses arrived in Rotterdam.

In the statement released by DocGo, the company said it polled over 500 asylees in its care and 85 percent feel that they are ‘well supported’ in the program. 

Colonie Town Supervisor Peter Crummey disagreed.

“If it’s such a great plan, why do you have to do it at midnight? That only underscores the problem,” said Crummey.

When asked how DocGo is utilizing local groups, a spokesperson said on Wednesday they are working with three local vendors for food, security and laundry services.

The press release said the company is working with community based organizations but when asked to provide a full list of what organizations they’re working with they did not respond.

Regional Director of Capital District Latinos Micky Jimenez says they were initially asked to help provide clothing, and were sent a list of clothing items needed for all age ranges, but there was no follow through.

“So when they’re talking about coordination, no. They are asking and we are pushing back and saying ‘We are not set-up, we don’t have the resources’,”said Jimenez. “The response from them has been ‘We don’t either.’ Well, then who does?” 

Jimenez wants to know how DocGo is spending money in the community.

“We need to first find out truly where is this money – that they’re supposed to be using to help them – being allocated? And second, yes we need money. You want us to do case management, you want us to provide culturally responsive food?…But I need to get more staff. We are a staff of three,” said Jimenez. 

A DocGo spokesperson said they have not reached out to Capital District Latinos. 

We have reached out to DocGo again to further clarify which vendors they are using, who they have contacted, and how much money they are receiving to support local asylees. We have not yet received that response. 

Meanwhile the people that were brought here are taking matters into their own hands. They planned a Wednesday night meeting with local nonprofits that have assisted them.