Local incarcerated contractor sees new charges from Attorney General


NEW YORK (NEWS10) — New York Attorney General Letitia James and State Police Superintendent Kevin Bruen announced the arrest, indictment, and arraignment of 44-year-old Dwight Fiero, also known as David Fiero. He’s charged with bilking homeowners out of over $50,000 and falsely claiming to be a combat veteran.

“As New Yorkers struggled with the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is appalling that Dwight Fiero cheated hardworking homeowners to line his own pockets,” James said in a written statement. “Not only did this individual violate the public’s trust, he also undermined our nation’s integrity by making a mockery of the brave men and women who actually serve our country.”

State officials allege that Fiero was a prominent figure in a contractor fraud scheme throughout the Capital Region. A 10-count indictment unsealed in Albany County Court on Wednesday claims that he stole deposits for home improvement projects from at least nine homeowners, all while waiting to be sentenced for adding an extra zero to a client’s check.

“This contractor acted in bad faith by taking tens of thousands of dollars from homeowners with absolutely no intention on following through on agreed-upon construction projects,” Bruen said.

The money was reportedly stolen between April 24 and Nov. 22, 2020, when Fiero promoted his services building and installing backyard decks under businesses named War Cry Contracting, Veterans Contracting, and Battle-Scarred Contracting. Prosecutors say he took to Facebook Marketplace to falsely advertise his status as a military combat veteran, luring in unsuspecting customers as they tried to support a member of the armed forces during a pandemic.

They say he charged large upfront deposits, then failed to perform any work at all, or did so such a shoddy job that homeowners had to pay to start from scratch. For example, Fiero allegedly built one porch enclosure so poorly that the entire porch needed to be replaced. The remodeled porch allegedly could not bear any weight, had improper window flashing, and did not match the house it was attached to.

Fiero is already serving 18 months to three years on a prior conviction. The new charges came from a joint investigation between state police and the attorney general’s office that started in the fall of 2020, when victims filed complaints.

Take a look at the indictment below: