TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A mother in Troy is now speaking out against gun violence. She is urging parents here in the Capital Region, especially moms, to have a conversation with their children about putting their guns down.

“I decided that I need to come out and pull all of us mothers together so we can start talking to our sons about these guns,” explained Veronica Rountree. “Because our sons respect us and they do listen to us.”

Veronica Rountree, also known as Mama Love told News 10 that her son was shot last year. Luckily he survived his injuries. Now, she wants other moms to make sure their kids stay alive by making the community a safer place. That’s why she founded the group, Mother to Son.

“You have to communicate with your child,” said Rountree. “We got a lot of mental health issues, drug issues, absent parents, drug addicted parents, all kinds of stuff. But as a group, we can all get together and help each other— help each other heal, get sober, get strong, so we can save our own kids.”

At Geneva Pompey Park, the group held an event with food, games, and live music to spread the important message to kids and parents while having fun in the process.

“My goal and my sister’s goal right now, is to stop people from going down that road we went down,” said Veronica Rountree’s brother, Benjamin Rountree. “Because you got 2 choices you can make in life— the right choice or the bad choice. But you got to remember, any choice you make, there’s consequences behind that.”

Mothers who would like help in speaking with their children about gun violence can reach out to Veronica Rountree directly via email.