(NEWS10) — Local firefighters, Johnnie Harris Jr., Frank Levesque, Steve Burbank, as well as others, helped to save the life of a fawn that they say appeared very dehydrated and in need of assistance.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, Harris said Levesque found the helpless fawn in the woods while battling a big wild fire. Harris said that the mother of the fawn was nowhere to be found at the time and that, according to other firefighters, the fawn had apparently been there for several days without any signs of the mother.

Credit: Johnnie Harris Jr’s Facebook page.

Harris said he and other firefighters attempted to care for the fawn by giving it some water to help for the time being while Levesque made some phone calls to get the animal some professional help.

In his Facebook post, Harris said the moral of his story is that no matter how much good you do, people will always focus on the negative aspects rather than point out the good in things, which is what he says should be looked at first.