ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A local family has a unique New Year’s resolution for 2022, that most families would never even think of doing. Their new year’s resolution is to visit every single Stewart’s Shop in 2022.

So far, the family has visited over 30 Stewart’s Shops in 2022. Stewart’s has over 350 shops in 32 different counties across New York and Vermont.

Each stop is different for the family depending on what time of day it is and what their plans for the day are. Sometimes it is just a quick in and out, to grab snacks and coffee, sometimes the stop is just for essentials like milk, eggs, and bread, and sometimes the stops are for dinner and dessert.

The family is documenting their journey on Instagram. Go to their Instagram, @stewartsshopsorbust2022 to keep up with their journey.