(NEWS10) — A post in the Capital Region from a man claiming to be a member of a well-known white nationalist’s group is making the rounds on social media. It’s one of many posts raising concerns.

Concerns over whether a person will act on that hateful message has some concerned.

“There’s more shootings, there’s more violence going on. There’s definitely more racism going on,” said Lanae Davis.

Professor at Albany Law School Stephen Clark said he’s changed his courses to fit the changing landscape of speech.

“In terms of actually taking action against it, it does have to cross a very restrictive line. It’s a very narrow category,” Clark said.

He said very little can be done about hateful posts. But that doesn’t mean it won’t raise a red flag for the FBI.

“The fact that you have a right to do something doesn’t mean you should do it.” Clarke said. “Can the culture change? I certainly hope so and I hope this dies down. Legally I don’t expect a change,” Clark said.

The FBI said was not available to add detail to the matter, but they say “If you see something, say something.”