NEW SCOTLAND, N.Y. (NEWS 10)— Three people were forced out of their home, after fire broke out late last night. Luckily, they were able to escape with the help of a man who happened to be in the area at the time.

Jake Houck, EMT on standby, just so happened to be driving on New Scotland South Road when he noticed a home on fire. 

“I pulled over, called it in to my dispatcher, and asked them to dispatch the fire department and noticed their was a mini van in the driveway,” explained Houck. “Nobody was around the house so I got out of the ambulance and started running around the house to see if anyone was trying to get out. “

According to Houck, most of the fire was in the back of the house when he arrived. His quick actions helped get a family out of their burning home. 

“When I came back around to the front of the house, the mother met me at the front door with her 2 daughters and a dog. I just assisted her in getting her, her 2 kids and the dog out of the house,” said Houck. “I got them away from the house and put the 3 of them and the dog in the ambulance so they where away from the action, so to speak, and were safe.”

He says they stayed in the ambulance until other family members were able to come and pick them up.

Houck did roll his ankle in the ordeal, but is okay. Tonight, he says he’s thankful that no one was seriously hurt and that he happened to be there in this family’s time of need. 

“I’m not hero. I think anyone else would have done the same thing I did. They would have tried to help them the best they could.”