NEW YORK (NEWS10) – On Friday will mark the first time since July 2021, that families in New York and across the country will not receive direct monthly cash assistance through the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC). Families would have received their first monthly payment of 2022 on January 14, if the credits had been passed in the Senate last month.

No Kid Hungry New York has fought to obligate the CTC to expand permanently, as it has fast become one of the most effective anti-poverty measures ever enacted. According to a bi-partisan report the expanded CTC has reached the families of 86% of children across New York with up to $300 monthly benefit per child. 

“Losing this income is going to be devastating. Starting today, families that have been using the Child Tax Credit to buy groceries or pay the rent are finding themselves in crisis,” said No Kid Hungry New York Director Rachel Sabella.

According to the Center of Budget and Policy Priorities, 681,000 children would lose out if the CTC expansion was not extended in the build-back better legislation, in-state initiatives. No Kid Hungry New York says that the families of 3.5 million kids in NY will miss the first monthly payment of up to $300, with hundreds of thousands at risk of falling back into poverty

“These benefits didn’t just give economic breathing room to millions of families. They pulled hundreds of thousands of kids in our state out of poverty. Majority Leader Schumer and Senator Gillibrand have to find the votes to reinstate these payments before more damage is done,” added Director Sabella.