ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The November general election is just days away and News10 is speaking with candidates for Congress and the state legislature.

Republican Liz Joy is trying to knock off longtime democratic incumbent Paul Tonko. It’s the second election in a row she’s run for the 20th Congressional District seat.

Joy says the economy is top on the minds of her constituents. Specifically, the rising heating and electricity costs as we head toward the winter months.

Joy believes America is too reliant on foreign energy and wants the country to produce its own. “We have the resources here in our country,” said Joy. She adds, “as soon as we become energy independent, which is an easy thing to do, it immediately drives down the cost of groceries.”

She said prices will go down because it will be cheaper for truckers to get goods to the stores and in the end, “will drive down the cost of heating and electric,” said Joy.

Joy sat down with News10 to discuss the issues facing the 20th Congressional District.