A group of young ladies in Saratoga are making a big difference for kids in need.

“We thought making a lemonade stand would be a really good idea to raise money to help these kids who have nothing literally nothing,” said Elle Bibighaus.

Not far from gate 8, also known as the Marylou Whitney entrance to the Saratoga Racecourse lies a little business ran by four very caring girls.

Elle, Emma, Harper and another Emma have been in the business of helping others for a couple years now. Last year the girls raised $900 to help Operation Christmas Child providing children in need with a little extra love by filling boxes with toys and other fun things.

“It is important that I instill in children that there are a lot of people in need here, and other countries,” says Christina Kraszewski.

“Wanted to help out the kids with that had like no toys or no that have cancer so that’s why we wanted to make this Lemonade Stand help people and kids around the world,” said Harper Bibighaus.

Getting prepared for an operation such as this does not appear to take much effort, to make a big difference in the lives of others.

“It doesn’t take that long to make the lemonade just takes a couple minutes,” said Emma Lacasse

“Last year’s stand started with bottle waters and this year they have incorporated lemonade and home baked cookies… I can assure you they cookies are made with care, they’re phenomenal,” raves NEWS 10’s James De La Fuente.

This year the girls had a goal to raise $1000 dollars to help kids dealing with cancer and other debilitating disease and disabilities.

“So, we didn’t reach it. We only got $400. But the thing is, we like did not do it as long as we did last year,” said Emma Krasewski.

“But $400 is pretty good for charity,” replied Emma Lacasse.

The girls telling NEWS 10 they learned a valuable lesson in business management and availability.

“Well, we’re going to try to go hopefully as early as we can,” says Elle Bibighaus.

As the season ended for the racecourse, the planning for the next lemonade stand benefit are just beginning.