ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) -Since the Schoharie limo crash happened in 2018, the state has become stricter when it comes to what limos meet standards. According to the President of Premiere Transportation, David Brown, New York had an opportunity to prevent the accident.

As a member of the governor’s Stretch Limousine Passenger Safety Task Force, Brown helps the state come up with ways to keep the industry to a standard. “In fact, after the accident they pulled 52 plates of stretch limousines off the road. They had the power to pull Hussain off the road way before the accident happened,” stated Brown.

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara sees the task force as a way to keep the state preventative of accidents, not responsive. By having the task force to stay a part of government, he says there is a lot the state can learn by having extra input. “To bring experts and people with knowledge together. To seek out what more can we do, what’s next. They actually made some good recommendations for this legislative session. I do have a bill that I am trying to get through session, get passed in the assembly as soon as possible. To get it in front of the governor to reinstate this task force,” says Santabarbara.

Brown says the task force hopes to see their efforts continued to be carried out by the state, and not just be talk. “There is enough rules and regulations right now governing the limousine business. It’s just enforcement at this point,” explained Brown.