ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — When I became a mom, the most consistent piece of advice I received was, “Don’t blink.” Three-and-a-half years later, I might need some tape to keep my eyes open because my goodness, they were right. There are so many moments I shake my head. How is my daughter already coloring in the lines? How is my 11-month-old son already walking? It seems like yesterday they were still babies, content to be napping in my arms.

Truth is, I did miss more of it than I’d like. Anyone who works nights, weekends, and holidays understands the sacrifices that come with it. But like a see-saw, those sacrifices were balanced out by the joy, pride, and fulfillment I gained from chasing and living my dream, as well as the knowledge my kids would see on a daily basis that with passion and hard work, anything’s possible. 

It’s been a thrill, evolving personally and professionally in front of your eyes over the past ten years as I planted roots in the Capital Region. News10 ABC has become my home away from home, and my colleagues have become family. I’ve never taken for granted the opportunity to cover sports for a living, and can only hope the relationships I’ve forged with coaches, athletes, and parents over the years have been as worthwhile for you as they have for me.

To all the viewers, some of whom I’ve been fortunate to meet in person over the years, thank you for allowing me into your homes. It’s been an absolute privilege sharing my passion with you, and an honor that you’ve trusted me to tell your stories.

That’s why I became a journalist: not to “be on TV”, but because I’m a storyteller and sports has a unique way of bringing people together. The players I grew up following, the energy at games that seeped into my veins, the fandom that filled my soul, the entertainment I sought out, and the sports stories that moved me—that’s why I got into this business more than a decade ago. It was never my intention to leave, but my last day on air will be June 17.

Though I wasn’t seeking out another career, an incredible opportunity presented itself at Northwestern Mutual that will not only give me more time with my family, which is first and foremost, but will also satisfy another passion of mine—helping people. 

It’s a crazy world to financially navigate these days. It’s all over the news, right? It’s more important now than ever to have a sound financial plan, and I can’t wait to help facilitate a better financial future for my clients alongside an extremely dedicated team with the same goals.

If you’re thinking, “Wow, that’s a big change,” I get it. I thought so too at first, but the more I’ve learned about my new role as a financial representative, the more I’ve realized that much of what I pride myself on as the Sports Director at NEWS10 ABC translates perfectly. You’ve likely seen me hustling to various sporting events around the Capital Region, camera on my shoulder. Often times I’d hear, “They need to get you some help,” but I’d shrug it off because I love the grind. That work ethic won’t change, even though the focus of my energy will shift. You’ve seen me tell meaningful stories with accuracy and respect. My clients will receive the same care. It’s my firm belief that this next chapter of my life is one I’m meant to write. 

Change is good. The growth I’ve enjoyed during my time at NEWS10 ABC has led me to this point, and the next challenge will encourage even more. I wouldn’t trade the time I’ve spent being a journalist, and I’ll move on with the best memories and most immense gratitude for everyone who trusted, mentored, and supported me over the years.  

I also can’t stress enough how excited I am to join a company and team I so greatly respect, continue building new relationships within this community and nurture the connections I’ve already made, and most importantly, be home with my husband and kids for dinner and bedtime. They’re my “why,” and I’ve received some sound advice—I can’t blink.