New York State is kicking off the Legislative Caucus weekend with health equity advocacy. Lawmakers as well as members of New York City’s SOMOs Community Care, gathered today to raise awareness and seek funding for the future. 

The caucus is made up of black, puerto rican, hispanic and Asian legislators and New Yorkers. They say that minorities and lower income communities have been hit especially hard since the onset of the pandemic and the lack of health care makes it harder for them to get back on their feet. 

Assembly woman Latrice Walker say that while there have been healthcare investments in this year’s budget, it’s not enough, “People are working every day to make just enough money to be broke, so we have not hit our mark here in this budget, but we vow to come back each and every year to make it all possible,” she said.

Advocates are also asking for $20 million in maternal health care as well as coverage for undocumented immigrants.