ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A bill introduced by Senator Michelle Hinchey will focus on kickstarting the industrialized hemp industry that prioritizes environmental sustainability, delivers business opportunities for New York’s small farmers, and spurs economic development in upstate communities. The Senate’s Agriculture Chair composed the legislation that will establish New York as a national leader in the growth and production of biodegradable hemp-based packaging for products.

According to Hinchey’s bill, it will direct the State’s Cannabis Control Board in developing a plan to place industrial hemp as the primary packaging source for all cannabis products made in New York State. The bill would offer financial incentives to farmers and cannabis entrepreneurs who contribute to the development and use of hemp-based packaging materials.

“Environmentally-safe industrialized hemp is the future of manufacturing and I look forward to getting my bill passed in the 2022 session so that New York can lead the way in this emerging market,” said Sen. Hinchey. “We have an incredible opportunity to unleash the potential of biodegradable hemp-based products that slashes our use of plastics, incentivizes farmers and entrepreneurs to be part of this innovation stage, and propels an industry that has not reached even a fraction of its full potential.”

The bill will task the Office of Cannabis Management and Empire State Development with creating the sustainable cannabis packaging incubator program. Officials say the manufacturing of Industrial hemp can be used in products like building materials, textiles, paper, oil, fuel, and more. A valuable commodity that will provide options for agricultural producers and significantly benefit New York’s economy and environment.