CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) -Legacy Dispensers kicked off their opening day with sales starting at 4:20p.m., for four hours and twenty minutes. President and CEO, Matthew Robinson, worked under a delivery model before marijuana was legal in New York state. “I grew up doing delivery. So I’ve sold cannabis since the late 90s early 2000s,” explained Robinson.

Now, Robinson looks forward to being a large part of the legal cannabis industry, seeing delivery as a productive way to sell to the community. “With delivery you don’t need as much. I don’t have to build out a building. I don’t need contractors coming putting flooring down,” described Robinson.

Owner of Star Lit 420, Justice Merkel, shares that prior to Legacy Dispensers opening, he has not been able to make a profit off his wares. “Us as growers, we’re struggling. To be honest with everybody, we’ve been holding the bag for a year and a half now with no outlets to make money,” said Merkel.

Providers of marijuana products like Nick Polsinelli, Managing Partner of Sugarhouse Farms, say they are proud to be able to sell safely, both for stores and customers. “We’re just blessed to be apart of this moment have the opportunity to provide safe, legal, compliant, and expertly grown cannabis products,” stated Polsinelli.

Legacy Dispensers is strictly delivery only. They are not allowed to sell on company property, or give out their address to the public due to safety concerns. “For people to make and pay for their orders they can do that online at,” said Robinson.

Robinson already has plans to quickly expand outside of the Capital Region. “We intend to service the whole state. We’re going to service from here to Buffalo, Rochester, down to Westchester and Long Island,” explains Robinson.